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Our Ezra Network is Helping Impoverished Jews in L.A., And So Can You

Imagine how you would feel if you lost your job. The bills are stacking up. The checks are bouncing. The cupboards are bare. If you’re one of 50,000 Jews in Los Angeles living in poverty, you don’t have to imagine it—you’re living it. But the good news is our Federation is doing something about it.

While the staggering number of impoverished Jewish Angelenos may come as a surprise to you, it’s not a surprise to us. In fact, one of the ways we are addressing this situation is through our Ezra Network, a  Federation program that provides personalized resources for Jews struggling with unemployment, addiction, bankruptcy and other life-altering hardships. Social workers are now on-site at 19 synagogue locations four days per week, while job and legal counselors rotate throughout Ezra Network sites, offering geographic accessibility for people living in the Westside, West Valley, South Bay, Laurel Canyon Corridor, Mid-Wilshire and Pico neighborhoods. Angelenos who are not synagogue members are also welcome to utilize the services of professionals at any Ezra Network location. The Ezra Network is offering comfort, privacy and guidance to thousands of Jews in need—and transforming lives.

While our Ezra Network is just one of the ways we are making a tangible impact, many thousands of our Jewish brothers and sisters here in Los Angeles are still in need of our support. They stand in line next to us at the store. We’re worried about having time to make dinner—and they’re worried about being able to pay for it. Even a small gift will provide a greater safety net for them, and help them emerge from dire circumstances toward self-sufficiency.

Help our Jewish neighbors in need by making your gift to The Jewish Federation today.

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