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Spin Joy Into the World

Doing good should be ingrained in our daily lives. That’s why, when the Skirball Cultural Center approached our Federation to be a part of its first-ever off-site exhibit Be the Change: A Jewishly Inspired Public Art Movement, we jumped at the opportunity. The exhibit features six monuments designed by artists representing six different service-based organizations. It aims to physically and conceptually elevate the tzedakah box (an item traditionally found in Jewish homes and gathering places where money is collected for charity) as a sculptural form that can bring about community change. 

We approached multi-talented creative consultant Marni Gittleman, who led the concept development and helped form the idea of our box titled Spin Joy Into the World. The piece explores the overarching Jewish value of tikkun olam (repair the world) and playfully responds to the question: “How can we individually and collectively ‘Be the Change’ through joyful actions?” With the help of muralist and creative engineer Bobby Z. Rodriguez, the idea came to life. The art installation is meant to be interactive, with the intention of inspiring people to do good for others. 

We encourage you and your family to visit the exhibit at Plummer Park in West Hollywood (7377 Santa Monica Blvd.) to spin joy into the world. The exhibit will be on view through October 1st. Share your experience with us on social media by tagging us at @JFedLA

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