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The Future is Now

Our Federation strives to ensure a strong, vibrant, and dynamic Jewish future in Los Angeles, Israel and around the world. Because our young adults are the foundation of that future, we create exciting, meaningful, and compelling programs for them today so that they will be active and engaged members of our community tomorrow. I’m happy to share a few examples of this important work:

YALA (Young Adults of Los Angeles) was created for people in their 20s and 30s in L.A. to meet, have fun, socialize, learn, and get to know the Jewish community through events, shared interests, and professional networks. With over 100 events and programs that bring people together in an environment which sets the stage for their own Jewish identities and future, YALA has been extremely successful.

NuRoots is our groundbreaking initiative, which meets and mobilizes young adults in their 20s and 30s where they are in order to build meaningful community across Los Angeles. Inspired by Jewish culture, heritage, values, and traditions, this grassroots program is empowering this demographic in new ways throughout our community.

The success of both YALA and NuRoots has proven to us that we need to continue focusing on offering innovative, creative, and meaningful ways to connect with young adults in Los Angeles.

To build on that shared success, YALA and NuRoots are joining forces under the NuRoots brand. Moving forward, we will have one unified young adult engagement team to reach people where they are and create opportunities that spark a connection to Jewish community. This reimagined NuRoots, coupled with our incredible leadership and philanthropic programming, will focus on serving young adults across the Federation and across interests. Our NuRoots Fellows will continue to interact with young adults who want to design a new kind of grassroots experience, while our NuRoots community program team will create the most dynamic experiences for everyone to enjoy. We are passionate about connecting with members of our community, and NuRoots will allow us to continue to do so in dynamic ways and on many more levels.

For more information, visit JewishLA.org and follow NuRoots on Facebook.

Shabbat Shalom,


P.S. Don’t forget to join us at our biggest event of the year for young Jewish Angelenos — Summer Soiree! 100% of ticket sales will go to the Federation’s 2018 Save our Survivors Campaign, which will directly provide essential in-home care to Holocaust survivors living in poverty in L.A. Join NuRoots and young professionals from all over Los Angeles for music, games, drinks, and more! For tickets and details, visit yaJewishLA.org/summersoiree.

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