From the CEO

The Power of Community

Thank you for your continued support of our Federation and our Jewish community. 2017 was a difficult and trying year for our community. We saw an increase in the number of those struggling financially and those facing physical, emotional, and learning challenges. We experienced a wave of natural disasters that, unfortunately, are continuing as we begin this new year. We tackled these issues as we redoubled our efforts to connect with young people and young families and engage them in our dynamic Jewish community. We did not — and do not — have the luxury of focusing on only one issue. We must address them simultaneously as we continue to support those in the community who need us most. This is the power of community.

This year, we want to spend more time with you, our most important partners in our work. We will be calling you in order to learn more about your passions and what you care about. We will be seeking your attendance and participation at our exciting events scheduled for this year.

You will hear several catch phrases this year that truly demonstrate the ethos of our Federation. First, we want to “start strong” to be able to successfully take on any challenge that we face. Second, we want to “look forward” in our fundraising efforts to create a lasting legacy for future generations.

We will do all of this thanks to “the power of community.”

Together, we can — and will — be both stronger and more successful.

Looking forward,

Jay Sanderson
President & CEO