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Why Federation: General Campaign Chair Julie Platt Shares Her Story

I didn’t know it then, but as a child attending Jewish summer camp, I was already carving a path for myself in the Jewish world. I truly believe that my experiences there sparked and continue to ignite me to this very day—and I know that I share that feeling with countless others in our community. The friendships I made at Ramah have lasted a lifetime. They’re part of what makes me so deeply committed to The Jewish Federation’s camping initiative. Through our efforts, including Tour de Summer Camps, we are making sure every child can have a similar transformative experience.  

My life and the lives of my husband and children are enriched by our dedication to the Jewish community. Shared values and shared traditions have sweetened our days and each of our five children, as well as our son-in-law, are finding meaning through their involvement in our community.

My commitment to The Jewish Federation has only intensified in each passing year as our mission grows clearer and stronger and more impactful. I am motivated to work harder and harder as I experience the kind of strategic thinking, convening and implementing that occurs every day in such a responsive and responsible way.

I am often asked how and why I commit so much time to being General Campaign Chair and to the work of the Federation. Two answers come to mind: 1. That I am lucky and blessed and can commit my time and resources, and 2. Our Federation is taking care of the worries and challenges and beauty of our Jewish future, responsibly and thoughtfully. The frustration is that we could do more if we only had more resources. I want to try with all my might to make that happen!

I care very deeply about The Jewish Federation and I encourage you to examine your own feelings about our Jewish community and jump in even deeper with me.

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