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Now, More Than Ever, We Need To Come Together

As Jews, we are taught that when our values are threatened, we must stand together for what we believe. We are taught that hatred and bigotry are intolerable.

Tomorrow’s Shabbat is an opportunity to honor diversity, equality, and inclusion in the face of fear, division, and hate. To be together at the table. Please take action and pledge to attend or host a Shabbat dinner in order to engage in constructive dialogue with diverse perspectives and build unity in this divisive time. We are joining with our partner OneTable this Friday, August 18th, for their global teaching Shabbat.

To sign up, please visit OneTable.org/togetheratthetable and scroll down to “What You Can Do.”

This is a moment for us to remember that what unites us in our shared humanity and rich diversity is greater than what divides us.

We all have strong feelings about the deeply troubling events of the past few days. I believe that this is a time to use our unique role to make a difference locally and nationally and to come together as a community. We are working with other Federations and our JFNA leadership regarding a national strategy, and we join with JFNA in their statement.

We will keep you updated as we convene local events with our partners.

Now more than ever, I wish you Shabbat Shalom,

Jay Sanderson
President & CEO

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