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This has been a year of heartbreaking challenges and inspiring successes. As it comes to a close, I want to remind you of the lives we have impacted. And I want to say thank you, because we have done this together. Here are just a few examples of people whose lives you have touched:

  • The 100-year-old Holocaust survivor who lives in Valley Village and knows she is not alone
  • The family in the Conejo Valley who lost their home in the wildfire, but found a world of support
  • The young family whose children look forward to receiving a Jewish book each month
  • The young adult living with special needs who has meaningful work and valuable life skills
  • The teenager in Be’er Sheva whose dream to attend college has come true through mentorship
  • The young adult who has connected with Jewish life on their own terms — and with great joy

We are building a safe, secure, vibrant Jewish community — and we are doing so together.

It is your gift that makes this, and so much more, possible. Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

Thank you again and Shabbat Shalom,

Jay Sanderson
President & CEO

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